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Eldorado MuOnline Season 17 Part2 X2000 Reset server Opening 20.August

Free-to-play style server, easy levelling, reset in-game, Server is based on true mu online experience, hunting crafting and levelling with the latest Season 17 Part 2 game Features, such as new map Ashen Aida, new pet Pear Lion!

Simple Xshop, no items for sale, only buffs and some crafting materials! All items must be made by players in-game! The game economy is made by players, farm and craft items ingame and sell it to other players in-game Personal Store for Wcoins. Simple Xshop with buffs and pets as well as some items for mixes! As well as big Goblin Points shop, each level in game gives 1GP, so each reset player gets 400GP, with more resets cant by items he likes!

Share Event: Share this FaceBook picture on your timeline tag 3Friends on this post, like our page and get 1000Wcoins! After it's shared and tagged send your game login name in FB personal message!

Welcome gift for all players!
Type ingame /welcome to get 1st lucky set tickets (right-click on them to convert tickets to items) and Skeleton Ring +Skeleton pet 72h durability.

Player VS Environment: Monsters/bosses are buffed to provide long-term gameplay, players need close to half full stats to survive top maps and great damage to kill monsters fast. Best gear and jewel drop rate increases with higher-level maps, so players must rush to conquer them!

Player VS Player: All characters are balanced on full stats and decent gear (4th level wings and brilliant sets) Info how PVP works on reset servers